Why Should You Prefer Us?


Since 1986, OBA Plastik has invested in latest technology machines and equipment and established its specialist team to find a position in packaging industry.

Enhancing its production quality in packaging industry with its 34-year-experience and qualified personnel, it has managed to find a place among the leading companies of the industry.

The company has prioritized high quality products and customer satisfaction as a principle to outperform the other packaging companies in the sector and to make a difference by continuously boosting its competitive power.


OBA Plastik Family aims to incorporate great talents and to create a work environment by offering all relevant rights according to international standards based on the rule of non-discrimination, which is the greatest investment it has made on its personnel.

We provide our employees with a fair, enjoyable, happy, safe and motivating work environment in order to create a team spirit and ensure high performance with a proper occupational health and safety system.

We carry out our business and tasks within the framework of a mutual and consistent trust and respect relationship.

We work beyond limits, departments and job definitions.Team, trust, talent and good faith are the keywords for us.


We aim to establish a long-term cooperation with our customers by being an experienced solution partner.

We prioritize customer satisfaction in the products and services we offer and effectively manage customer feedback, with a professional commitment on the continuity of our business partnership.

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